• 12

     2016 10

    The open tender meeting of Jiangxi China Auto Rui Hua(2016-10-12)

    On the morning of 12th Oct. a open tender meeting of Jiangxi China Auto Rui Hua New Energy Technology Co. Ltd. which be held in large conference room of Rui Hua Group.…

  • 08

     2016 09

    Love angel fund(2016-09-08)

    Ruihua group participated in the loveangel fund in September 8th at 1:30 in the Shanghai Jiaotong University Schoolof Medicine (Chongqing Road No. 227) 3 floor building Esther held inrecognition of the…

  • 29

     2016 08

    Association of modern service industry in Shanghai(2016-08-29)

    In August 29, 2016 the group joinedthe Shanghai Modern Service Industry Association awarded the awarding ceremony,Shanghai Ruihua (Group) Co., Ltd. is a member unit of Shanghai modern serviceindustry a…

  • 19

     2016 08

    Shanghai Transportation Industry Association(2016-08-19)

    In August 19th, 2016 the group joinedthe Shanghai Transportation Industry Association Association of the sevensession of the Congress and the seven session of the Council of the general.Shanghai Ruihua…

  • 29

     2016 06

    Modern Service Industry Association(2016-06-29)

    The afternoon of June 29th 13:00 groupin Shanghai Modern Service Industry Association of pension service SpecializedCommittee established ceremony. Shanghai Ruihua (Group) Limited companypresident Shua…

  • 19

     2016 06

    Overseas talent(2016-06-19)

    ShanghaiCity Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and the city of Shanghai talentservice center invites, in June 19th the group participated in the 2016Shanghai overseas talent recruitment fair, thi…

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