Hong Yuan Shuai 

Swedish Chairman and CEO

Vice President of Shanghai Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Standing Director of China Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association

Director of Shanghai Overseas Chinese Federation

Member of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce

Honorary Director of Shanghai Overseas Friendship Association

Honorary President of Shanghai Changning District Overseas Friendship Association Council

Vice President of Shanghai Changning District Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment


Awards and Honors

1  2001Shanghai Magnolia Award

2  2002Shanghai Technology Innovation Leader

3  20032004"Top Ten Pacesetter" of Changning District United Front for Three Civilization Construction

4  2004Shanghai Magnolia Gold Award

5  2005 First Session of Overseas Chinese Professionals "Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award"

6  2006Certificate of Honor of Shanghai Major Projects Meritorious Contest

7  2007Shanghai Changning District First session of the Leading Talent

8  20072008Shanghai "Ideals and Contributions" Outstanding Organizers Title

9  2008State Grid Corporation Science and Technology First Prize of Progress

  -(Research for battery-capacitor hybrid electric vehicle demonstration system)

10 2008Shanghai Changning District Friend of Outstanding Employees in "Double Love and Comment" Activity

11 2009All China Federation of Industry and Commerce First Prize of Science and Technology Progress

     ((Environmental friendly (battery + capacitor) pure electric vehicle powertrain assembly)

12 2010Nomination of "Top Ten" Overseas Chinese in Shanghai

13 2010China's New Energy Industry Pioneers _- Excellence Awards

14 2011Eleventh Five-Year" Outstanding Scientific and Technological Personnel of Transportation and Port Industry

15 2011Shanghai Leading Talent

16 2012Shanghai Changning District Advanced Individual of Energy Saving

17 2012Top-Notch Talent of Yangpu District

18 2012Shanghai Overseas Chinese "Person of the Year ---- Best Energy Saving Award"

19 20132013 Shanghai Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress

(Battery + capacitor pure electric vehicle powertrain assembly)

20 .  2014 Shanghai energy saving enterprise golden key Award

21.  2015 Chang Ning District outstanding entrepreneurs

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